Cubs 100 – One Hundred Years of Cub Scouts

2016 sees the Cub Scouts celebrate their 100th birthday! Watch out for the many activities and celebrations that are planned as the movement reaches this historic milestone.

Were you a Cub Scout? What are your favourite memories? Have you got any funny stories to tell?

Are you are Cub right now? What do you enjoy doing? What is it about Cubs that you love?

We would love to hear from you! Please add your comments to this story, and tell us all about your Cub Scout / Wolf Cub experiences!

In the meantime, why not watch this video from the Scout Association – a short history of 100 years of the Cub Scout movement.

3rd Prittlewell Cubs and Beavers raise funds for Foodbank

Back in July, 3rd Prittlewell Cubs and Beaver scouts participated in a charity 10p fair held in the main hall at St Peter’s Church.  Children were able to spend their pennies on a number of stalls ranging from Chocolate Tombola, “Bat the Rat”, Teddy Hoopla and Tin Can Ally.
foodbankA grand sum of £78.30 was raised in less than two hours and this week, Assistant Beaver Scout Leader Sharon Butler went shopping  to purchase as much food as she could with the funds raised.  Steve Daley of the Southchurch based Foodbank attended Beavers last Monday and was presented with the food donation.

Steve said “On behalf of the Foodbank, I must thank you all for your generosity.  So many local people are in need and hungry and this will go a long way in helping them”

Congratulations to the Beavers and Cubs of 3rd Prittlewell raising so much towards a very worthy cause.

Fun and Excitement at Belchamps

Belchamps High Ropes

Belchamps has a great range of events over the coming Scouting year with something for every section.  We are trying to offer leaders some great easy additions to their programme.

Kicking off in September with some 24 hour sleepovers a great easy way to get the section together for and overnight event. In October we have our first ever Jamboree on the Air where you can talk to other Scouts from around the world followed by our creepy camping weekend when the centre turns eerie.

In November it’s the annual Firework display with 2 displays this year one for the younger children with less bangs and the main one with our usual 20 minutes of spectacular fireworks. There is also the giant Bonfire and some fabulous light shows from Pluto jugglers.

In December we have our annual Christmas sleepovers and the fun spectacular day on the last weekend before Christmas with the centre lit up in its normal winter wonderland.

In January and February its 2 nights for the price of one on all of our buildings, with badge weekend in January and Winter Camp in February, its a busy couple of month.

March see’s more Sleepovers  plus Mud Mania; the new tough mud style challenge. We’ve got lots of training courses running in March and April too, including rifle shooting, Archery, campfire leaders and Fencing. And in April its the second year of Survive Belchamps.

For a free events guide call 01702562690 or email

50 Years Of The Southend Gang Show

Southend Gang Show logo

Southend Gang Show are pleased to announce that they have confirmed an Audition day for their 2016 Show, celebrating 50 years of Southend Gang Show!

They are now looking for Scouts, Guides, Explorers, Senior Section and Network to come and join them on Sunday 4th October at Southend High School for Girls. Auditions will start at 14:00 prompt until 17:00. Please do pass this onto anyone who is eligible to take part in the show – they need to have started Year 8 in Sept 2015.

Cast can express their interest to take part at An official registration process is still being developed, and information will be sent to those on the mailing list when available and ready. Flyers are being printed at the moment, and these will also be coming out shortly for passing on directly to Groups.

To allow them to put on such a performance, Southend Gang Show of course needs a large pool of dedicated and willing staff. If you are a leader, or know any leaders leaders or helpers, who would be interested to assist in the making of Southend Gang Show or who would like more information, then please contact them via the Gang Show website.

Looking Forward To Wintac?


Essex Scouts – Looking Forward to Wintac?

Wintac will be back on 13th – 15th November at Skreens Park Activity Centre.

A weekend of winter fun for the Explorers, the event this year will feature more activities on Saturday, including a Music Bar with a dancefloor and playstations, 3 tin tucker trial, bushcraft skills and bushcraft craft barn. There will also be a Leaders’ Retreat and evening programme.

Bookings now being taken. £35 each. £30 early bird. £16 catering (including pudding). £10 per leader.  Early bird close 15th October. Closing date 29th October. Email

An Explorer Writes … Ray Day

Explorers on the RayOn Sunday 12th June 2015, myself and the Yangtze Explorer Scout group were to kayak along the Hadleigh Ray from the edge of Two Tree Island. We had to wait until after midday for the tide to go out. It seemed that I was the only one in my group that hadn’t kayaked before, so naturally I was a bit apprehensive as to what was going to happen. Once we had manually hauled all the kayaks and equipment to the water’s edge, it was time to set off.

After a good 5 minutes of minimal progress and paddling in circles, I managed to move in a moderately straight line out towards the Ray. It was very windy and whilst some of the more experienced members of the group were powering on ahead, the rest of us were desperately trying to avoid the mud banks and anchored boats. After a while we stopped at a bank to empty the newly made lakes that seemed to have accumulated in some of the kayaks. By now, I was already coming to terms with how awfully weak my arms were, as I was already beginning to get tired; but before long we set off again to kayak a little further up the ray before setting up a barbecue on the mud flats.

After disembarking, we messed around kicking up mud and getting absolutely drenched in gritty mud and attempted to have a game of mud football. We then ate food (which ended up getting awfully gritty from all the mud) and did some raft racing. When it came to coming back, the wind had picked up a lot and was blowing in the opposite direction to which we needed to paddle. I climbed back into my kayak and was determined to paddle all the way back up the Ray, but it became apparent that I was in fact moving backwards no matter how hard I paddled, and so I gave up and began the trek back up along the mudflats with the other less experienced kayakers. After what seemed like hours of dragging kayaks and falling over in the mud, salvation came along in the form of a speed boat and got us back up to the slipway at Two Tree Island.

Overall, it was an absolutely fantastic experience, and I can’t wait until next year’s Ray Day!

Matilda, Yangtze ESU

[Editor’s note: Ray Day was organised by Southend Estuary District Scouts, for which many thanks from the Explorers of Southend West]

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