A Cub Writes … My first camp

On Friday 12th June our Cubs arrived at Belchamps camp for two nights. I was really excited as it was my first time camping outside.First we chose our tents. I was with my two school friends. We unpacked our things and played on the field. We had to collect lots of wood for the camp fire.  At first it felt uncomfortable in the tent but I settled down and was soon cosy. We broke the world record for staying up all night talking!
On Saturday I woke up with the leaders shaking our tent! I had a yummy bacon sandwich to start my day, in the ‘coop’. Next we played games with the leaders on the field. After that we had great fun on the giant wrecking ball but it was hard to balance because the leaders tried to make it wobble!
In the afternoon we had a race on the pedal go-karts, we went really fast, I came in second place.
My favourite part was cooking our dinner on the campfire. We melted marshmallows and squashed them between two chocolate biscuits. I loved watching my popcorn popping on the fire. Before bed we played the Survival Game in the woods. It was really dark and scary, we had to escape from the forest and find our way back to camp.
On Sunday we watched the Minion movie while having breakfast in the ‘coop’. I enjoyed playing ‘Be be back to base’. This is a game where you have to get back to base without being caught.
It was good playing Hide and Seek in the woods because I found an enormous bush to hide behind and no-one could find me. In the end I had to jump out and give them a fright.
I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend away and earned four badges, but I was so tired when I got home. I can’t wait to go camping again. I really enjoyed being outdoors and I made new friends.

Alfie, aged 8