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Need advice on Activities?

I have been working hard over the past year to ensure that we have a solid base of people to advise not only me but all Adults within the District in specific areas. Some of these appointments will already be common knowledge to many adult members, but some are relatively recent appointments. Contact details for all advisers will be available through the new directory which will be ready online soon and in the meantime please email me and I will forward you the contact details.

Where the adviser covers an activity which requires a permit under the Nights Away Scheme or Adventurous Activity Scheme they will be able to advise on that process as well as the actual activity. You kind find a list of District Advisers below.

In the meantime I would like to thank the District Advisers for there assistance and support.

Dan Parsons | District Commissioner


District Nights Away Adviser

Marion Wood

District Adviser – International

Mike Harrington

District Adviser – Archery

Derek Gray

District Adviser – Water Activities (Sailing & Power boating)

Chris McHugh

District Adviser – Water Activities (Rowing & Pulling)

Peter Jacob

District Adviser – Water Activities (Kayaking & Canoeing)

Chris Lynn