Compass – helping you keep track of Scouting

Compass is a powerful set of online tools for members to manage their Scouting administrative activities in one place. It can share access to that information with relevant Scouting colleagues and offer a high level of data security. The system streamlines many tasks currently performed to manage Scouting so members spend less time on administration.

Top 10 ways Compass will make your life easier: 

  • Managing personal information on youth and adult records
  • Managing waiting lists
  • One record per young person as they move up through Scouting
  • Tracking youth badges
  • Managing programme planning
  • Managing activity and nights away permits
  • Inviting and managing attendance at local events
  • Creating and maintaining contact lists of specific volunteers/parents or young people for communication
  • Directly email or text members/parents/young people via Compass (no need to download data and use your own email/mobile account)
  • More effective and quicker systems for updating training and development records

It is the only online system provided by The Scout Association and it is free of charge to its users. You can download the Compass booklet to read more. Members will receive a copy of this booklet in their June 2014 magazine.

Roll out of Compass in 2014
Each County/Area/Region (Scotland) has agreed a month in 2014 for Compass to launch for members in that location.

Find out when your County/Area/Region (Scotland) will move fully over to Compass
Please note administrative, secretary, training, Commissioner roles will start using Compass first as soon as Compass goes live, despite when their County/Area/Region (Scotland) is scheduled, as they will need access to complete tasks required for their role.

Each County/Area/Region (Scotland) has a volunteer managing the process of introducing Compass to that local area (Compass Implementation Champion) and another volunteer to oversee any Compass training requirements for all members in their local area (Compass Training Champion). Find out who the volunteer is leading this work for your area from your County/Area/Region (Scotland).

View list of Compass Implementation Champions

View list of Compass Training Champions


Visit this page to keep up-to-date with all developments and find out more by reading these frequently asked questions (PDF)

If you have any questions please contact

Promotional materials:

Poster and leaflet templates are available on the Print Centre to customise and print to help explain and promote the benefits of Compass to members. More materials are in development and Compass Champions have access to additional resources to use in briefings.

Information for parents – youth and parent information require

During 2014 Leaders may ask parents to provide additional information about their child in Scouting to help complete their record on Compass, the new membership system for The Scout Association. Leaders will already have most of the information required by Compass from when your child signed up to Scouts, but Leaders may take this opportunity to refresh or double check those details are still correct.

Compass is a new database being provided nationally to all Scout Leaders as a place to keep all their young people’s information safe and secure, and allow them to link it up to Scout’s progress in badges, awards, programme planning as well as having the latest emergency contact or medical details in one place.

As well as the emergency contact details, medical details and parent contact details we will also ask questions you may see on a National Census like faith, ethnic/cultural background or additional needs. Scouting is an inclusive organisation and as such it is important to understand the diversity of our membership to ensure the programme, activities and delivery of Scouting is appropriate and relevant for all young people, whatever their background or needs. Leaders cannot deliver the best Scouting experience in an inclusive way if we do not know who our members are and their needs.

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