Explorer Scouts building a pioneering project





Explorers is for young people between the ages of 14 and 18

Let’s face it, by the age of 14, most young people know what they want. Explorer Scouts are therefore encouraged to have a big say in deciding what they will do, with support and guidance from the adult leaders.

Unit activities may include:

  • getting to try more adventurous activities such as power boating, sailing, and snow and motor sports;
  • helping to deliver campsite services – running activities or helping with site maintenance;
  • fundraising and help in the community;
  • going on camping expeditions in the UK and abroad, sometimes independently;
  • working to achieve the The Queen’s Scout Award, the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, and the Explorer Belt (a 10 day challenge abroad);

The section also includes the Young Leaders’ Scheme, where young people are able to take on a leadership role in one of the younger sections.

These awards and responsibilities are recognised by Employers, and are highly regarded by Universities looking at personal statements during the application process..

Everyday Adventure in Leigh-on-Sea, Eastwood and Westcliff-on-Sea