Explorer Uniform

Explorer Scouts wear a beige shirt or blouse with a Unit scarf (or a Group one if there is a partnership agreement), and navy blue activity trousers or skirt with a Scout belt. They can wear an Explorer Belt and buckle if this has been awarded.

Sea Scouts wear a blue version of the standard shirt. Short-sleeved shirts and  polo shirts are also available for summer wear.

Explorer long-sleeved shirt
Explorer long-sleeve  shirt
Explorer long-sleeved blouse
Explorer long-sleeve blouse
Explorer short-sleeved shirt
Explorer short-sleeved shirt






Boy's Sea Scout Shirt
Boy’s Sea Scout Shirt
Girl's Sea Scout Blouse
Girl’s Sea Scout Blouse
Explorer polo shirt
Explorer polo shirt





Ladies Scout Activity Trousers
Ladies Scout Activity Trousers
Men's Scout Activity Trousers
Men’s Scout Activity Trousers





Uniform can be bought at a number of outlets including, currently, Belchamps Scout Centre and Army & Navy Stores on London Road, Westcliff (near Hamlet Court Road). Alternatively, you can buy direct from the Scout Shop by clicking the images above.

The scarf and woggle will normally be given to you when your child is invested into the Unit (makes their promise in front of the other Explorers). However, if the Unit is attached to a Group, and your child has “linked” (come up from Scouts) from the same Group then they would usually use the scarf that they were previously given.

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